Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions

by Tim Ash (Wiley Publishing)

How much money are you losing because of poor landing page design? In this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, you’ll learn all the skills necessary to dramatically improve your bottom line, including identifying mission critical parts of your website and their true economic value, defining important visitor classes and key conversion tasks, gaining insight on customer decision-making, uncovering problems with your page and deciding which elements to test, developing an action plan, and avoiding common pitfalls. Includes a companion website and a … (continue reading)

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  1. The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web: How to Use It and Profit from Affiliate Marketing Programs

    by Bruce C. Brown (Atlantic Publishing Company)

    Affiliate marketing is a highly profitable online advertising method in which website merchants pay independent third parties to promote the products or services of an advertiser on their Web site. In other words, affiliate marketing involves posting a company s banner on your Web site or blog and attempting to send visitors to their Web site. If someone clicks on that banner or goes to that site and buys something, you will be paid a commission. While some affiliates pay … (continue reading)

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  2. Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires

    by Scott Fox (AMACOM)

    BONUS: Now with purchase get free Membership in the Internet Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coaching Forum! In this strategy-packed guide, top e-business consultant Scott Fox reveals the powerful but simple methods he and thousands of others have used to strike it rich on the Net. Exclusive interviews with 'mom and pop' entrepreneurs prove how easy it is to get started and build a million-dollar enterprise. "Internet Riches" also features an action plan for brainstorming new business ideas, and exercises to help … (continue reading)

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  3. Moonlighting on the Internet: Five World Class Experts Reveal Proven Ways to Make and Extra Paycheck Online Each Month

    by Yanik Silver (Entrepreneur Press)

    Internet marketing guru Yanik Silver has scoured the internet to bring together 5 world-class experts who make thousands in extra cash online each month. They reveal their secrets to making unlimited cash using today’s hottest online moneymaking methods: selling information, eBay, affiliate marketing, Yahoo! Stores and blogging.

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  4. Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results

    by Bryan Eisenberg (Thomas Nelson)

    Call to Action includes the information businesses need to know to achieve dramatic results from online efforts. Are you planning for top performance? Are you accurately evaluating that performance? Are you setting the best benchmarks for measuring success? How well are you communicating your value proposition? Are you structured for change? Can you achieve the momentum you need to get the results you want? If you have the desire and commitment to create phenomenal online results, then this book is … (continue reading)

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  1. A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Quick Reference for Affiliate Managers & Merchants

    by Evgenii Prussakov (AM Navigator LL)

    A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing was written to be an indispensable handbook for all affiliate managers and merchants, alike. In addition to providing concrete, practical answers to common (as well as not-so-common) questions, the book gives usable ideas on promoting affiliate programs, along with ways to keep affiliates motivated. This guide presents the author's information in a logical, convenient format.

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  2. Web Design for ROI: Turning Browsers into Buyers & Prospects into Leads

    by Lance Loveday (New Riders)

    Your web site is a business—design it like one. Billions of dollars in spending decisions are influenced by web sites. So why aren't businesses laser-focused on designing their sites to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI)? Web design can do more than make a site look good—it can be a powerful strategic weapon that enhances financial returns and creates competitive advantage. It's time to make web sites accountable. It's time to make design decisions based on metrics and business goals. … (continue reading)

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  3. 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

    by Tracy Repchuk (InnerSurf Publishing)

    31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles is a breakthrough blueprint of the proven steps to taking your business online. It shows you what to do, when to do it, in the order it needs to be done so you build an internet marketing presence that allows you to dominate your market and is stable, predictable, and expandable. This is a proven step-by-step guide to to successfully attract more leads, get more clients and make more sales. This is not the … (continue reading)

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  4. Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich

    by Rosalind Gardner (McGraw-Hill)

    “It took me years to discover many of the techniques she spells out in her book. I wish it had been available when I started.” -Allan Gardyne, The definitive guide to planning and managing a successful online affiliate business! Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online is your hands-on guide to starting your own profitable affiliate marketing business quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Leading affiliate marketing authority Rosalind Gardner gives you a proven five-step plan for identifying a niche … (continue reading)

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  5. Submit Now: Designing Persuasive Web Sites

    by Andrew Chak (New Riders)

    Usability is not enough. This book shows what it takes to design a site so browsers become buyers: the ultimate measurement of success for an e-commerce site. Designing Persuasive Web Sites: Submit Now examines how customers search, evaluate, and make decisions realistically-not using marketing guesstimates. This book focuses on changing the mindset from selling to customers to helping them buy. It begins by exploring how customers make decisions and how that integrates with the online experience. It presents tangible design … (continue reading)

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